Over 118 years ago, a young man on his father's farm was thinking as you are probably thinking now; "I am dissatisfied with my work at small pay." Having ambition, he had a strong determination to be independent - to earn money from a business of his own. That young man was WT Rawleigh (1870-1952). He made his dreams come true; he quit farming and began retailing. Now it's your turn to become a part of Rawleigh's future and continue with the legacy and tradition that made WT Rawleigh and others successful.


Rawleigh used the direct selling method to sell his products, traveling around on horse and cart in the early days from house to house selling his medicines and other lines. His philosophy was simple; deliver a superior quality product and provide your customer with all the information they need about the uses and benefits of the product. This is your opportunity to carry on the work of WT Rawleigh. Start part time and build a profitable business. You are the owner and manager of your business. Its success depends on your hard work and commitment to serve customers better.